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I'm Sorry

Flowers To Say Sorry

Sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers to say sorry can make it much easier to request forgiveness from someone that you love. Whether you’re seeking flowers to say sorry to a boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, or father, the variety of ‘sorry flowers’ available has something for everyone. From white to pink to yellow, roses are used to express guilt and regret, while carnations express unconditional forgiveness. However, when wanting to send flowers to someone that has recently had the loss of someone they are particularly close to, there are even more flowers that are ideal for this purpose.

Tulips are perhaps the most popular flowers to send to someone for their mistakes or beginnings of growth. They can be sent with many different meanings, from apology to congratulations, but whatever your message is, there’s a flower that’s just right for it. Send your friend or loved one a lovely bouquet of tulips to celebrate the beginnings of a new life or to express sorrow over the loss of a loved one, and make sure that you take the time to check out all of the incredible options that are available.

say sorry | tulips | white tulips | gesture | apology | bouquet If you want something a bit more traditional, there are plenty of florists who are able to create custom-made floral bouquets for you to use in apology letters or as the flower delivery. One of the most popular choices for floral writing is white tulips. These flowers are a classic symbol of forgiveness and can be used in apology bouquets or even just to send to someone you are thinking about. White will convey the idea of peace and harmony, which is what an apology ought to communicate to a loved one. A white tulip arrangement is also a good choice because it is a classic flower that never goes out of style and will always look fresh and lovely.

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